About Beautiful And Valuable Rough Emerald

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By Paul Price

Greek word for green is smaragados. Really these lovely gemstones are so highly popular for their amazing color. This color can vary, from yellowish-green to dark, bluish-green tones, but all these colors are simply astonishing. And they are really the result of various vanadium and chromium impurities within beryl gemstone, or rough emerald, mostly found in Colombia, Zambia or Brazil.

The most beautiful and appreciated emeralds are traditionally found in Colombia, and these are of the highest quality. The ones coming from Zambia have fewer flaws and deep green color, and the ones coming from Brazil are also really appreciated. In any case, the most desirable color of an emerald is a slightly bluish green, with medium dark tone and strong to vivid saturation.

Every gemstone symbolizes something. This one is well-known as the stone of heart, and it symbolizes love and compassion, as well as mercy. Emeralds bring balance into your life, not only physical and mental, but also spiritual and emotional. They bring harmony and understanding, positive atmosphere and elevated energy levels.

Emeralds improve memory and bring mental clarity, help in learning and understanding things as well as focusing to the things that really matter. They protect from different negative emotions and energies, rejuvenate and bring positive atmosphere and happiness. Emerald is also well known symbol of wealth, because it brings prosperity into your life. So, if you are looking for something that will make you rich, here is the best choice for you.

When it comes to their healing properties, emeralds are really versatile stones. They improve blood circulation and protect heart and blood vessels. Thanks to their balancing properties, they can be used for bringing stress relief, and they are also very effective for reducing various inflammatory processes, infections, especially when it comes to various issues related to your muscles and joints.

Another interesting characteristic of this amazingly beautiful gemstone is its ability to affect your emotions. Emerald calms your emotions, bringing balance, and that's why people often use it for reducing or removing various emotional issues. They can be used as a stress relief help, for balancing relationships or for improving your love life.

As it was said before, slightly bluish green gemstones with vivid or at least strong saturation and medium dark tone are highly appreciated. Even so, you will probably find some other colors more than appealing, and the first reason for choosing a gemstone should be your own personal choice. It depends on the reason for buying them, of course, but if you aren't sure, ask for a professional advice.

If you buy your gemstone in its rough state, you have to realize that most of it will be removed during the process of cutting. Even so, lately it is more and more popular to use these rough gemstones as they are, for making extraordinary pieces of unusual jewelry. They look really interesting, although, the cutting is really something that will bring out all the best qualities of the precious stone. In any case, these gemstones are so lovely you just cannot make wrong decision.

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