Deciding On Jewish And Christian Wedding Rabbi

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By Helen Reed

A rabbi is a Hebrew word meaning teacher. Deciding on Jewish and Christian wedding rabbi becomes a necessity when these two faiths are brought together should a man and woman with these two denominations want to get married. It can be a difficult time especially when one party insists that this be the case and wanting a wedding with a this type of flavor.

There is much to consider if this is the case and it is wise to go and consult with a Rabbi of this nature. The word Rabbi basically means teacher and they are well versed in all aspects of the Bible both written and oral law. An orthodox one will unfortunately not be of any assistance, as they will not condone a marriage of this type because it is not in accordance with Law.

It is much the case that the spouse to be who is not of Judaism will make inquiries with regard to becoming a convert. This is a big decision and as Judaism is not a religion that tries to take on converts, the road in doing so is hard and arduous where one has to have a calling in doing so. A Rabbi can be consulted about this and he or she will advise that it takes up to three years and more to do so.

If one wants to be wed in this nature then there are other considerations to take into account for that matter. For one, it is best to ensure that the food is kosher and meets up to kashrut conditions as stipulated by the local Beth Din. A mashgiach will also be required to ensure that all kashrut standards are met during the celebration.

This person will have to be paid for work done so this should be budgeted for accordingly. This person is Shomrei Shabbos meaning that they keep the Sabbath and its laws so accordingly, the wedding date is important as to not fall on this day in the calendar.

A chuppah or bridal canopy is customarily used at functions such as this. It is a shawl that is extended by four poles that is held above the bride and groom. It is a magical moment enjoyed by all and with the aid of best friends and family; this is a must for occasions such as these.

Shomrei Shabbos literally means guarding the Sabbath and to keep to its prerequisites. A mashgiach will follow these laws and is an able person to ensure that all that is eaten is in line with kashrut laws. Having one on site is a must as proceedings within the kitchen must be adhered by.

All in all, and in every way possible, it is a great day and one that will live in the minds of many that were present at the time. Consulting a Rabbi of this kind is the first step in overcoming the many obstacles that will present themselves when finding out what to do for such an occasion. Most of all, enjoy the journey, it is a start of many together.

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