Drug Testing Service Collin County TX: The Shortcoming Of Hiring Employees With Drug Use Disorders

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By Matthew Murray

The laws give employers the rights to conduct drug tests on their employees. If you practice law, medicine or you are within the agriculture or construction industry, for instance, drug testing is bound to be among the conditions that will govern your employment. In case you are an employer, you will need to consistently seek services, least the conduct of workers who suffer from substance abuse concerns hurt your bottom line. If you need a drug testing service Collin County TX would be an ideal place to begin the hunt for the right specialists.

It is costly for you to hire workers with substance abuse issues. As an employer, you have a personal obligation to ensure that your workforce consists of clean and sober professionals. Druggies can hurt your bottom line in various ways, including causing an increase in your workers compensation insurance rates. Such people often get involved in accidents and your company will be considered as a high risk by insurers.

Junkies will also take more than a few sick offs even for reasons that cannot be justified. They are also seen to show up late for work and take unnecessary breaks to feed their addictions. This means that other employees are forced to deal with their workload and you may find yourself spending a fortune when settling overtime wages for the clean and dedicated workers.

If a drug issue makes a worker unable to handle daily chores, then your client base could drastically shrink because of client dissatisfaction. The dedicated workers on the other hand will be overworked as they strive to fill in the gaps for a druggie. In the end, you could lose not only your esteemed clients, but also your best employees.

Junkies are historically known to be unable to hold one job for more than a few months. If you hire someone with a substance abuse problem, then you will only be wasting your money on training the individual in question. After all, he or she will only work for a few months and you will be forced to spend additional money training someone else.

Most drug abusers find themselves in financial problems. This is because they spend every coin of their savings on drugs and even proceed to borrow from friends. In case they go beyond their budgets, they must seek ways to feed their addiction and they could steal from you.

The sad reality is that druggies tend to act impulsively. They could act out without considering the repercussions of their actions. In short, they will get into conflicts with clients as well as fellow employees. Such will without debate not be good for your business.

Irrespective of the size of your business, the importance of seeking drug testing services cannot be stressed enough. The investment you make will save you from one challenge or another. Most importantly a proper service will see to it that the misconduct of a specific individual does not end up hurting your bottom line. Do a keen research and find a physician that you can count on to conduct random tests from time to time.

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