How To Stay In A Jewish Interfaith Marriage

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By Kathleen Russell

Maintaining an interfaith marriage is one of the most significant challenges that most couples have to face. Most denominations have over the years criticized them. However, this does not mean that they do not work. Currently, Jewish interfaith marriage is becoming more popular with the highest percentage embracing them. The challenge can be daunting especially since the couples are coming from different faiths. The following are things to consider before getting in the union.

One of the essential things in any union is communication. Couples are advised to have open discussions on their fears regarding their different religions. However, this does not mean that one has to push their partner into having the discussion. In such a case, the partners are advised to come up with ways to address other pressing issues affecting their union. Thus having an open talk on their faith opens more ways and the couple learns how to respect them.

Learning is one way that the couples will get to respect and understand the religion of their spouse. The partners are advised to share their experiences in their religion while asking any questions they might have. Asking the questions open more chances for learning more while getting to evaluate how much they appreciate their faith. Bringing the other family members into the discussion might also be a brilliant idea as long as they are not disrespectful.

As they grow into adulthood, it is necessary for children to learn how to show mutual respect on the decisions of others. They need to be taught the importance of making their own decisions and standing by them. Hence parents are always reminded to have an open discussion before having any kids. They should all agree on the best way to bring up the kids when religion is concerned.

Before getting into the union, it is necessary to consider the need to attend premarital counseling. This is necessary especially if the couples are coming from two different religions. While choosing a counselor, it is necessary to select one that is not affiliated with any religion but has the required skills in dealing with people from different faith. The mentor will first access their compatibility and guide them through on how to solve issues without any faith issues.

Most couples will want to plan and enjoy their vacations with their loved ones. However, there is need to take into consideration the difference in their traditions. For instance, some will want to have a Christmas tree over Christmas. Therefore the couple needs to agree how best to incorporate both of their traditions for more fun during the vacation.

The couples having different religions is the most significant challenge the union might have to face and judgments from other people. However, the partners should learn how to accommodate each other. Most importantly when they get home, they need to keep their differences aside and enjoy their union.

After learning the difference in their religions, it is necessary for the couple to celebrate their differences. They also need to accept the fact that they have the chance to have their union without any restrictions.

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