Designing The Best Montessori Playroom

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By Donald Bailey

When Maria Montessori identified the levels of the sensitive periods of learning, she opened the door to a whole new method of educating young children, named the Montessori Method. This is a method that takes advantage of the sensitive periods, which means the period when the child is intensely interested in a particular phase of learning. All children experience these periods, at the approximately same age. A good Montessori playroom will build on these periods.

For example, the very first period the young baby experiences is the movement one. During this period, the young child is focused on reaching, pushing/pulling things, moving from one area to another, and is very interested in moving objects, animals and people. Each period has a particular focus by the child. Any toys should encourage and develop that skill. To be useful and usable, the playroom set up for a child should be organized and attractive, not cluttered or overcrowded with toys.

A home living area can address many of the child's sensitive periods throughout the entire seven years of his early childhood. The child uses things like measuring cups, rulers, and many manipulative items to explore math concepts and many other things. Small kitchen equipment also lets the child mimic the actions of grown-ups and learn to work with others and to communicate.

Dress up play encourages a wealth of imagination. Basic items of clothing in the child's size but adult-like is perfect. Also, children's costumes like community service workers allows for imaginative play and learning. Colorful silk squares also allow twirling and dancing with them as the child imagines all sorts of characters to become.

Another area that is essential, with toys to develop that skill, is the musical and movement center. This area should include musical instruments, balls, push toys, tricycles, and other things that encourage movement. In this area also, silk squares are a good item to have to encourage dancing and free creative play.

Another important area to develop many skills is the building area. Here the child is able to explore the concept of measurement and to mimic adult behavior by using materials to build, measuring and comparing as they do so. They learn how to share with others and how to construct structures, with will help them later in the real world. Encourage imagination, as this will help them throughout life.

One of the most vital areas to develop for your child is that of measuring and discovery. Here he learns how liquids perform, bigger, smaller, more, less, and a lot of other concept skills that will continue to benefit throughout his lifetime. Things to include here would be things like telescopes, spy glasses, and anything that will encourage him to explore/examine his world.

If all these areas to include for your child reminds you of home school or preschool centers, that is correct. Childhood is all about learning, in a fun way that encourages and excites your child. As Maria Montessori identified, there is a period of time that the child under age seven has a burning interest, and if you don't take advantage of that period, you will miss a great opportunity that won't repeat itself later.

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