What Are The Responsibilities Of The Armed Guards Orange County Companies Employ

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By Jason Williams

There are some people who just naturally take charge and know what to do in emergency situations. If this describes you, and you are looking for an interesting career, you might consider security. Openings are available to those with high school diplomas as well as college degrees. Retired law enforcement and private investigators often find this type of employment rewarding. The duties and responsibilities of armed guards Orange County businesses hire is wide ranging.

In earlier times a security guard was someone a company hired to patrol their grounds and buildings as protection from arson, burglary, vandalism, and terrorism. A security guard may or may not carry a firearm. Today they are found at doors and gates scrutinizing identification and authorizing entry. Security guards are employed to monitor alarms and keep watch on closed circuit cameras. They detain unauthorized personnel and contact the authorities.

Security personnel have a lot of different responsibilities that depend, in large part, upon the companies that hire them. There may be a guard in a retail store employed to keep the merchandise, registers, and workers safe. They may be required to identify and detain shoplifters. Schools have security officers working on campuses across the country.

You will see a lot of security at major museums and art galleries. These individuals are employed to ensure that patrons refrain from touching the artwork. Security inspects bags and pocketbooks before patrons are allowed to enter the museums and galleries. There is a security guard at most financial institutions and on hand to assist law enforcement at major entertainment events.

Today you will see security in all types of environments. Guards may be employees of federal, state, or local governments charged with screening passengers boarding trains, buses, planes, railroads, and commuter transportation. They are an important part of the gaming industry often remaining behind the scenes observing customers. Some security personnel are active and on their feet all day while others sit for hours in front of security monitors.

No matter what kind of security the individual is providing, there are common duties that most jobs require. One of these is to be visible. Obvious, and armed, security is a huge deterrent to those contemplating some illegal act. A security guard has to be vigilant at all times. The best guards almost sense when something is not right or out of place. These individuals have to be able to make split second decisions.

A guard has to know how to respond appropriately in any given situation. They have to able to recall the correct protocol when handling a crisis. Security personnel must be trained to know what he can handle and when he needs to call for backup. Writing coherent incident reports is a part of most security jobs.

Security is an essential part of most businesses. A guard spends most of his time patrolling and observing. It can get tedious at times. When called on though, he has to be ready to jump into action. Responding appropriately can be the difference between a disaster and a crisis averted.

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