Life And Its Complications With Relationships

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By Roger Kelly

The pursuit of happiness becomes the hardest expedition in life. Oftentimes, the very thing that would complement a person is by finding someone who can supplement its existence. There is no guarantee to where your heart might lead you. It becomes the quest and adventure alongside.

In a relationship, there are different kinds of struggles. One is struggling with intimacy. It all starts from simple physical attraction. Then you start feeling that you almost cannot take away the person from your thoughts. After which, you start to show some effort and it becomes the reflection of your interest towards that specific somebody.

The courtship stage is influenced by a lot of things. One example is with culture, there are cultures that have unified processes in courtship. Some are plainly arranged marriages, the kind that are already arranged by parents even before one knows about it.

Another example is the modern courtship which does not almost include the family in the process, it is typically between two people only and is developed using high technology, cellphones and computers are the common medium in communication. There are even some meet ups that starts from online dating, meeting online and not personally is becoming the new trend of finding the next prospect to involve in a relationship with.

There will be that time that all the initial interest seems to furnace. One becomes emotionally unstable. Some even need to fake it with their partners. They hide the real feeling of unhappiness. They run out of reasons to make the relationship work. Or, they simply just fall out.

This results to a third party relationship which is probably the worst case scenario. Not only is this not ideal but this is also morally incorrect. It is better to work on the relationship than to try to find a new partner since these problems will occur over and over again.

One then tries to find some remedy to heal an about to be broken relationship. What comes easy typically would not last long, and what last long would not come easy. Two people need to put both their hands together to rekindle the lost mutual spark. Never leave just because of a few faults, no one is perfect, affection is always greater than perfection.

The moment one becomes fully aware that its existing relationship is now shaky and on the rocks, they try educate their selves and incorporate in their minds that what they are feeling is already wrong. They start to slap their own selves with the idea of loyalty. Feeling sympathy towards their partner is normal, they sure become guilty as if falling out of love is a crime. Yes it is unfair, but questions like, how can it be wrong when it feels so right stands on the side.

Till one needs to finally decide that it is time to let go. You cannot be unfair forever, might as well, break it to them no matter how much it will hurt them rather than imprison them in a lie. Whether you hurt them now or tomorrow is definitely the same heartache. What matters most, if you cannot anymore save the relationship, at least save the friendship. Love is no easy journey. Hence, it is the humps and bumps that you encounter together that will make the ride worthwhile.

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